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Pfaff Welding Machines

Modern joining of technical textiles with PFAFF INDUSTRIAL welding technology

In the continuously growing market of innovative textiles joining methods are constantly being scrutinized. For quite some time needle and thread have been losing their claim to exclusivity in this field. During the sewing process the needle penetrates the texti- le fabric and pulls a thread behind it. In “regular” textiles this does not leave behind any major damage. In technical textiles it could, however, destroy the surface and thus compromise the textile properties. Welding machines on the other hand join thermoplastic materials using hot air, contact heat (hot wedge), ultrasound or high frequency without affecting material properties. Moreover, welding offers additional advantages e. g. high impermeability (watertight, gastight, airtight), no disruptive resp. bulky seam, no use of consumables such as needle, thread or glue.

Without a doubt, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL has for decades been the leader in innovation and technology for the welding techniques hot wedge, hot air and ultrasonic. Among others, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL launched milestones like the first ultrasonic machine featuring a rolling sonotrode, the first programmable welding machine or the first welding machine featuring edge trimming. The spectrum ranges from standard welding machines to fully automatic customized systems, e.g. full-automated welding units for the filtration industry. At PFAFF INDUSTRIAL, the customer can choose between the following welding methods, suitable for its application:

Hot Wedge

Welding Parameters: Roller Pressure Speed Temperature

Hot Air

Welding Parameters: Roller Pressure Speed Temperature Hot Air Flow

Hot Air Tape Welding

Welding Parameters: Roller Pressure Speed Temperature Hot Air Flow


Welding Parameters: Roller Pressure Speed Amplitude/ Energy

Ultrasonic Welding

This welding method is a modern, innovative and economic seaming technology with a wide range of applications (e.g. in the areas garment, filtration, automotive, protection goods and many other applications in the technical textile section) In 2020 PFAFF INDUS- TRIAL have introduced a new generation of machines (PFAFF 8311). New and a true world first of the machine is, that in addition to the regulation of speed and welding energy, the new 8311 allows the force measured during welding to be regulated and kept constant. A quantum leap in textile ultrasonic welding. In addition to standard ultrasonic welding, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL also offers “Cut & Seal” and “Cut & Seal Dual” solutions. Below are some examples:


Standard Welding:

At PFAFF INDUSTRIAL a range of almost 100 different anvil wheels are available

Cut & Seal (single wheel solution)

Cutting and edge trimming in one operation

Cut & Seal Dual (double-wheel solution)

Cutting, edge trimming and welding a second seam in one opertion

Standard set-up, long-arm version, feed of the arm version or standing post-bed version; the right machine for every application:

PFAFF 8310​


PFAFF 8312​


PFAFF 8311


Hot-Air and Hot-Wedge Welding

With these classic welding methods, the materials are plasticized using hot-air or a hot-wedge. The main areas of application are in the non-clothing sector, e.g. car covers, flexible tanks, keder manufacturing, truck awnings, swimming pool liners, banners, boats, tents, inflatable materials, convertible tops for cars, filters Below you find some example applications:

Hot-Wedge Welding

Example: Welding of two tent layers

Hot-Air Welding

Example: Closing of a filter bag

Hot-air welding in a special unit:

Example: Welding (length seams) of tubes, e.g filters

Based on customer requirements, PFAFF has greatly expanded the variety of machines in recent years:

PFAFF 8320-010


PFAFF 8362i


PFAFF 8390​


Seam Sealing (Taping)

Taping is also been made with hot air. It is the most common sealing method, used for creating a waterproof seam for mem- branes inside garments (e.g. outdoor applications). Other typical applications are waterproof shoes, work wear and chemical suits and sewn and foamed automotive interior equipment. It is ac- tually a hot melt gluing process by using a hot melt layer on the seam sealing tape. Sewing and taping normally is a division of function. The sewn seam will achieve the strength, the taping will create a liquid proof seam. Taping doesn’t need thermoplastic fabrics. A hot melt glues can also stick on other fabrics. The type of glue has to match to the basic fabric.

Below you find some example applications:

Seam sealing (taping) of an outdoor jacket​

Seam sealing (taping) of a sport- or hiking shoe

Seam sealing (taping) of a dash board

For every application the right machine concept. Also differential feed and dynamic welding (automatic adjustment of the heating power to the variable speed) is possible:

PFAFF 8323


PFAFF 8330 -243/002


PFAFF 8303i