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PFAFF 8390​

Mobile heat sealing machine (hot-air or hot-wedge version) for direct welding of heavy, large flexible thermoplastic materials

PFAFF 8390

The PFAFF 8390 can be used to program welding sequences, depending on the blank and material, any parameters, depending on the length, can be entered and repeated with 100% precision. An absolute innovation from PFAFF!

PFAFF 8320-010 “Hot-wedge version” PFAFF 8320-020 “Hot air version”


  • All parameters are controlled electronically
  • User friendly operation
  • Touch screen (no buttons, no gauges) and 100% parameter control. Touch-control-panel P1 with integrated SD card reader and USB slot. The P1 guarantees an intuitive operation
  • 2 precision-controlled motors permit an extremely accurate differential transport, an additional motor for a synchronized control of the transport sled
  • Maximum reproducibility of the welding process
  • Process control
  • Accurate machine movement with chain- or gear rack drive
  • Compatible with PFAFF 8309 track system
  • Programmable start positioning and end positioning of welding
  • Programmable rail beginning and end position
  • Machine driving with pedal, display or joystick
  • Slow start and slow end with a fast drive to start position

8390-FlachbettFlatbed standard machine

8390_SaeuleFlat bed machine with high throughput for voluminous parts

8390-ZweikopfFlat bed machines with left and right to pivot


Tanks, pipeline production, tarpaulins, swimming pool foils, PVC, banners, foils, promotional posters, inflatable figures, big tents


Sealing temperature:
PFAFF 8320-010 (hot-wedge version): max. 500 °C
PFAFF 8320-020 (hot-air version): max. 720 °C
Sealing speed: max. 10 m/min (standard), option up to 30 m/min available
Width of hot wedges (mm): 7, 9, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40
Width of nozzles: 10 – 50 mm (others available)
Power input:
PFAFF 8320-010 (hot-wedge version): approx. 1500 W
PFAFF 8320-020 (hot-air version): approx. 3500 W
Heating capacity:
PFAFF 8320-010 (hot-wedge version): approx. 1000 W
PFAFF 8320-020 (hot-air version): approx. 3300 W
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz


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