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Meet The Team

Peter Brew
Sales/Service Engineer
Peter Brew joins Triumph Needle Co Ltd as our new Sales/Service Engineer in the North West. Carrying forward the legacy of our esteemed colleague, Ian Harrison, Peter brings his expertise and a history shared with Ian to our team. With respect and an eye to the future, he’ll continue fostering the relationships Ian cherished.
Keith May
IT support & Admin
Keith is Triumph Needle’s IT Support and Admin professional at Triumph Needle, playing a crucial role in keeping our IT operations on course. With a strong technical background and a proactive approach, Keith ensures that our systems run smoothly and efficiently. His expertise in troubleshooting, maintaining hardware and software, and managing network infrastructure is instrumental in supporting our daily operations.
Anthony Wakefield
Service Engineer
Anthony is our dedicated service engineer at Triumph Needle, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to his role. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for resolving technical issues, Anthony ensures that our customers receive top-notch service and support. His commitment to excellence and thorough understanding of Triumph Needle’s products make him an invaluable asset to our team.
Phil Straw
Service Manager
Meet Phil, our dedicated Service Manager at Triumph Needle. With a commitment to excellence, Phil ensures that all service aspects for our domestic and commercial sewing machines are maintained to the highest standards.
James Neale
James, one of the founding partners of Triumph Needle, holds a pivotal role as a Director within the company. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, James plays a crucial part in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of Triumph Needle.
Alan May
Alan May, an esteemed Director at Triumph Needle, brings with him a rich history of success in the sewing machine sales sector. With his extensive experience and remarkable track record, Alan plays a pivotal role in the company, overseeing the new sales of both industrial and domestic sewing machines, as well as their accessories.