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Pfaff Airbag Series

Pfaff 3721, 3741 and 3745 Series

The POWERLINE 3721, 3741 and 3745 are quality assurance systems designed for use on safety relevant seams. The PFAFF docu-sewing systems making an important contribution to extra driving safety. They monitor and guarantee perfect execution of the nominal breakage point on the reference seam from where the side airbag unfolds in the event of a serious incident. The seam must meet precisely stipulated parameters: on one hand it should not be too resistant as this will prevent the side airbag from expanding and unfolding; on the other hand the seam must have a minimum strength so that it does not tear open unexpected during normal use.

POWERLINE 3721, 3741 and 3745 machines significantly increase process safety and reliability. An essential benefit of these systems is to guarantee constant seam quality by identifying and sorting out unusable seams in real-time. This is important for product liability to counter and effectively refute any potential claims of recourse. 3721, 3741 and 3745 can be connected to the customer’s ERP system – an important precondition especially in the automotive industry.

PFAFF docu-sewing systems are an important tool for quality assurance within the overall automotive production chain, even if it “just” deals with one simple element – an approx. 40 cm long seam section. Other possible fields of operation for the POWERLINE 3721, 3741 and 3745 are the production of parachutes, seatbelts, sails, awnings, tarpaulins – everything involving the production of safety relevant seams.


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