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PFAFF Creative Icon 2.0 Sewing & Embroidery


Experience the revolutionary, world first in home sewing. Artificial intelligence and voice control features give you the ultimate connectivity to reach new levels of your craft, effortlessly.

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Discover A New Dimension Of Connection
  • Experience the revolutionary, world first in home sewing. Artificial intelligence and voice control features give you the ultimate connectivity to reach new levels of your craft, effortlessly.
At A Glance
  • Artificial Intelligence Detection
  • Voice Control
  • mySewnet™ Connectivity
  • Projector
  • Superior performance & capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence Detection
    Attach any included presser foot and the machine will inform you if the foot is compatible with your stitch selection. Plus always enjoy the most advanced sewing features and functionality with free automatic software updates.
  • Voice Control
    The world’s first and only sewing machine with voice control. Hands-free commands offer sewists more flexibility to explore their most creative endeavors.
  • mySewnet™ Connectivity
    Connect all mySewnet™ enabled devices to communicate wirelessly between them while transferring designs and information.
  • Projector
    Easily preview what you plan to stitch on the fabric. Place your intended stitch using grids, guidelines, and stitch preview or project your embroidery in the hoop. Achieve perfectly placed stitching while saving time.
  • Machine Performance
    Bright, even lighting designed by optronic experts shows the true color of fabric and limits shadows on projects. High needle piercing power (150NWT) makes it easier to sew heavy weight materials. The machine’s base plate is engineered to reduce vibrations and increase stability.
  • Advanced Accessory Capabilities
    Pursue even more advanced sewing and embroidery techniques using innovative accessories like the creative™ Embellishment Attachment.
  • Enhanced Original IDT™
    Integrated Dual Feed technology precisely feeds all types of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time.
  • Exclusive PFAFF® Stitch Techniques
    Access 806 unique and sophisticated stitches. Floating and radiant stitches. Single, double and triple-ribbon stitches.
    Lace edge and stacking stitches.
  • Patented ActivStitch™ Technology
    Achieve perfect stitch quality front and back. Sensors measure the fabric thickness and stitch settings to regulate thread for superior results.
  • Stitch Creator™
    Create 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity and customization of your projects.
  • Stitch Repeat
    Sew precisely the number of stitches you desire so they fit your project perfectly. The days of counting as you sew are gone.
  • Largest Hoop on the Market
    Included with your machine, the creative™ Grand Dream Hoop is the largest machine embroidery hoop on the market (360 x 350mm).
  • Embroidery unit
  • creative™ Grand Dream Hoop (360x350mm)
  • creative™ Supreme Hoop (360x260mm)
  • creative™ Elite Hoop (260x200mm)
  • creative™ Square Hoop (120x120mm)
  • Hoop clips (16)
  • Complimentary embroidery software to download (PC and Mac)
  • creative icon™ 2 sampler book
  • 0A Standard Presser Foot for IDT™ system
  • 1A Fancy Stitch Foot for IDT™ system
  • 2A Fancy Stitch Foot
  • 3 Blindhem Foot for IDT™ system
  • 4 Zipper Foot for IDT™ system
  • 5A Sensormatic Buttonhole Foot
  • 5M Manual Buttonhole Foot
  • 6A Embroidery/Sensormatic Free-Motion Foot
  • 6D Dynamic Spring Foot
  • ¼” Quilting Foot for IDT™ system
  • 8 Maxi Stitch Foot
  • Bi-Level Guide Foot for IDT™ system
  • Luggage style carrying bag with packing insert for embroidery unit
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate
  • Needles
  • Large spool holder
  • Spool caps: small (2), medium (2), large (2)
  • Thread net (4)
  • Screw driver
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Bobbin case for straight stitch left (black)
  • Thread cone holder (2)
  • Bobbins (9)
  • Knee lift
  • Edge / Quilting guide
  • Multipurpose tool / Button reed
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Soft cover for machine

Founded in 1956!

With a rich heritage since 1956, our foundation provides customers with the assurance of time-tested quality and expertise in delivering unmatched solutions.

Market Leading knowledge

Leveraging market-leading knowledge, as the sole distributor of PHAFF’s commercial arm and other renowned brands, we offer unrivalled sewing solutions in your domestic market.


Unparalleled Experience

Established in 1956, we possess unparalleled expertise, accumulated over decades, ensuring exceptional quality and service.

PHAFF Commercial Supplier

As the exclusive distributor for PHAFF’s commercial division, we bring the renowned German precision and reliability to the domestic market.

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